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February 24th, 2023

Green roofs, also known as vegetated roofs, are an increasingly popular trend in sustainable construction. They offer a number of benefits for both the environment and the house’s residents. In this post, we will show you how to install a green roof step by step and the benefits of this investment.

Installation Process:

Step 1: Preparing the roof

Before installing a green roof, it is important to ensure that the existing roof is in good condition. This includes checking for leaks, loose or damaged tiles, and ensuring that the water drainage system is working properly. If necessary, these issues should be resolved before proceeding with the green roofing installation.

Step 2: Installing the drainage system

The next step is to install a drainage system to ensure that rainwater can be properly drained. This includes placing a layer of gravel and geotextile to help with drainage and prevent leaks.

Step 3: Installing the vegetation layer

After having an adequate drainage system, it is time to add the vegetation layer: This includes placing a specific soil layer for green roofs and planting the chosen plants. It is important to choose plants that can survive in a roof environment, such as succulents and grasses.

Step 4: Maintenance

Once the green roof is installed, it is important to maintain it regularly to ensure its health and beauty. This includes checking whether the plants are receiving enough water, removing any invasive plants, and adding more soil if necessary.

Benefits of a green roof:

  • Environmental improvement: Green roofs help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase local biodiversity. They also help to absorb rainwater and reduce the amount of water that needs to be drained to the sewage system.
  • Reduction of urban heat: Green roofs help to reduce temperature in urban areas, as plants help to absorb heat from the sun. This can help to decrease energy consumption for air conditioning and increase comfort for residents.
  • Thermal insulation: Green roofs can also help to improve the thermal insulation of the space, which can reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Aesthetics: A green roof can be an attractive addition to any house, providing a green area to enjoy and increasing the value of the property.
  • Landscaping: Green roofs offer a great opportunity to create suspended gardens and innovative landscaping without needing much available space.


Installing a green roof is an excellent way to make your house more sustainable and comfortable. In addition, the environmental and aesthetic benefits are undeniable. With a little planning and proper maintenance, a green roof can be a valuable, long-lasting addition to any property.

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