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Efficient Snow Removal

While your commercial roof is protecting you, your employees and your equipment from the elements, it is also shouldering the burden of snow accumulation on your roof. The weight of the snow puts a great deal of stress on your roof and thus, your building’s structure.

In the winter season, your roof requires special attention — snow and ice removal and preventive measures. Northeast Industrial Roof offers professional and efficient snow removal services that will help keep your commercial building safe for your customers and employees so that you can continue with business as usual.

Why Use Our Snow & Ice Removal Service?

If you’re in a location in which you experience heavy or frequent snows during the winter months, snow and ice can wreak havoc on your business. It can cause customers to stay home rather than going out, resulting in lower revenue, prompt employees to stay home, which impacts productivity, or even cause accidents that you’re liable for. But the worst impact that winter weather can have on your business is the potential for structural damage caused by the weight of accumulated snow and ice.

Prompt and effective snow removal is crucial to keeping your business running as smoothly as possible during harsh winter weather. Failing to remove snow can result in the aforementioned negative impacts, and trying to remove snow from your roof yourself can result in damage to the roof and its peripheral components (such as skylights or HVAC units) as well as severe bodily injury.

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Snow & Your RoofWhat You Should Know

Commercial Snow Removal FAQs

What is a snow load?

The snow load refers to the downward pressure applied to the roof by the weight of accumulated ice and snow. If the snow load exceeds the amount of weight the building is designed to withstand, the roof could suffer damage or even collapse. Snow drifting can cause uneven snow load, which places weight unevenly on the roof, potentially causing a cascading series of damage to the building.

What are the warning signs of excessive snow load?

Some of the most common signs of structural damage include cracking, sudden leaking, or shifting of interior walls. The presence of any of these should prompt an immediate response in the form of a thorough roof inspection. Waiting to schedule an inspection can further compromise the roof and result in significant damage or even total failure. A few other signs that your roof needs attention include: Excessive icicles forming over the edge of the roof, Cracked ceilings or walls, Broken or shifted ceiling tiles, Snow or ice falling from the roof (more than what is normal) and Buckling walls or beams.

What are ice dams?

When snow or ice melts, it will collect at the edges of a roof and around penetrations, curbs and parapets. When it refreezes in place, an ice dam forms, preventing future runoff from draining properly, and the cycle continues until the added weight and stress from pooling water and accumulated ice ultimately causes roof failure. Ice is about eight times heavier than snow and much more difficult to remove effectively without damaging the roof, so it’s best to keep up with snow removal to avoid worsening the problem.

How do I know when to remove snow?

It’s important to know the snow load your building can tolerate. When you know that information, you can track the snowfalls in your area and know when your roof needs to be cleared. If you aren’t sure, use visual cues. Before snow falls, place conspicuous markers on roof curbs, skylights, roof vents, HVAC units and chimneys. This will help roofers avoid the hazards, preventing damage and potential injury, and will also provide you a way to visually determine how much snow is accumulating on the roof and when you should call for snow removal.

Leave all rooftop work, including snow removal, to professionals. We’re experienced and educated regarding the physics of ice and snow on a flat or low-slope roof, safe de-icing, removing snow without damaging roofing components, and performing these tasks without stepping through the roof or suffer bodily injury.

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