Roof drainage: the importance of roof overflow

Find out how to avoid leaks and rain damage to your roof!

March 10th, 2023

Roof drainage is a fundamental part of building a house. It is responsible for ensuring that rainwater runs off properly, avoiding excessive moisture issues to damage your property structure. Among the components of roof drainage, the overflow is one of the most important, as it ensures that water does not accumulate and cause future problems.

There are several roof drainage methods, such as the gutter and flashings system, but the overflow is considered one of the most efficient. It acts as an escape route for rainwater, ensuring that it runs off the house without causing damage. The overflow is usually installed at the edge of the roof, allowing the water to run off into a sidewalk drainage system or an underground system.

The equipment used to install this overflow roof system includes grates or manholes, which are placed at the edge of the roof, and piping to ensure that the water is properly drained and does not damage your property structure. Connectors are also needed to connect the piping and the grates or manholes.

Professionals needed

The professionals needed to install the overflow roof drainage system include 1) a structural engineer, who can help design the system; 2) a plumber, who can install the piping and grates or manholes; and 3) a roofer, who can install the system on the roof.


We have listed several benefits of hiring an overflow roof drainage service, check them out:

  • Seepage prevention: Overflow helps to prevent rainwater from accumulating on the roof and penetrating your home, which can cause seepage and significant damage to your property structure and your belongings.
  • Flood Protection: Overflow helps prevent rainwater from accumulating on the roof and in yards, which can cause flooding.
  • Easy Maintenance: Overflow roof drainage systems generally require little maintenance, which means they are easy to keep in good condition.
  • Increased roof life:  It helps prevent rainwater from causing damage to the roof, and thus will extend roof service life.
  • Property appreciation:  The system can increase your property market value, as it shows that the house was built with care and attention to detail.


In summary, roof drainage is a fundamental part of your home’s construction, and Overflow is one of the most important components. It ensures that rainwater runs off properly, preventing infiltration and damage to the structure of your home. The overflow is essential to ensure comfort and safety for your family. It is installed on the edge of the roof, allowing the water to drain away to a drainage system on the sidewalk or an underground system. 

Professionals such as structural engineers, plumbers, and roofers are needed to install the system correctly. Hire our service to protect your home against excessive moisture issues, flooding and to ease the maintenance demands, increase your roof service life and your property value; guarantee for you and your family to live happily and peacefully for a long time!

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